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We would like to tell you about our little "Abby".  We purchased her from Rose Cardwell in July of 2007.When we went to see the puppies, we were impressed with how the facilities were and very impressed how kind and loving Rose is towards her dogs and puppies.  Our little Abby that we chose was very healthy, clean and well cared for.  She has been such a pleasure to have in our family and she gives us a lot of joy and happiness.  We have even considered purchasing another puppy from Rose so our little Abby would have a playmate.

Lynn and Liz Taylor
Amarillo, Texas
 Client Testimonials
We take special care of the puppies. In the cold months, We keep them warm, even with a heating pad when necessary so they won't get chilled. 
We keep the mom well fed and happy so she can be healthy and produce plenty of milk for her litter.  We are
 proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients.

I got two of my wonderful Shih Tzus from Rose.  We had lost our first dog Bailey to illness a few years ago.  My husband and I were so devastated so we began right away looking for a new puppy.  I found Rose's ad in an area paper and called her.  She had a litter that would be ready right after Christmas.  Two of the females looked like little cows.  They were so cute.  One of them was my precious Princess Bella.  You could tell that the puppies were loved and treasured by Rose.  She went the extra mile for us and we have since become close friends.  When Bella was old enough to breed I bought another puppy from Rose and that is my blonde and apricot male.  His name is Prince Beau.  He is the gentelest, sweetest puppy you could ever have and I truly believe it's because Rose nurtured him and took great care of him when he was first born.  She always treats her puppies like they're babies.  Her prices are also very reasonable and all her dogs are AKC Registered.  Thanks Rose for being the person you are and truly caring about your dogs the way you do.
Caroline Snyder
Amarillo, Texas
We have a Shih Tzu from Rose.  He is about 4 months old.  We have two other Shih Tzus from previous purchase, and they both enjoy Little Oakley.  Oakley is a very intelligent puppy, playful, lots of laughs.  He even sleeps the whole night thru and is learning to potty trained by following the other dogs out the doggy door.  A fantastic puppy for us. 
Marcus Chewing
Amarillo, Texas
We got our puppy from Rose not too long ago and he is the most loving and active dog we've ever had.
Hannah Linley
Amarillo, Texas